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FootballAway Launch FREE LIVE HELP CHAT Hot

FootballAway's mission is to make the whole football experience as easy and cheap as possible but also try to help new football-fans with their experience, we are doing this by providing help in regards of how and where to buy football-tickets, where and how to find cheap football hotels, directions and train booking with great savings, and much much more - we do our best to answer all your questions, so please feel free to ask!

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Where is the Live Football Chat?

You can log in and start the chat by clicking the , button at the top of any FootballAway page.

What Questions Can I Ask?

You can ask any question you like, but we are most likely to have an answer if its related to experiencing football away from home:-) We use all our experience and knowledge about English football, and are more than happy to share this with you, this might be about where and how to buy football-tickets, train/driving/walking directions, where to stay and book hotels for your next match, well you get the point, just ask - and we try to answer.

What Languages Are Covered?

ALL of our football members speak English, and we have some additional languages covered in this football help chat too, these are: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finish, German and Spanish. Please note that not all languages are available at all time.

Help With Booking and Buying Football Tickets

FootballAway does not sell football tickets, but we are partner with several providers who do, and we can provide direct help with how to book through these channels. We do also have a white- and black list of ticket providers abroad. These are reported to us by other footballfans who have used these. We do also have a very good knowledge about how and where to buy tickets directly from the Clubs.

Most Important, Is This Free?

YES, as with most of the content, information at FootballAway, it is free for personal and non-commercial use, and we are aiming to keep it this way! The reason we are able to provide all this information for free, is that we are funded by sponsors, advertisers, donations and lots of goodwill and love for the game and the fans!

Why we Have Made This Chat?

The answer is simple: Football should be for the fans, but at the moment it is very expensive! We are trying to get the prices as low as possible for football-fans at the same time to find all information needed when experiencing football away from home.


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