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To get tickets can be a nightmare for certain games, such as cup finals and high profile games. We do not only provide all information you need about how and where to get tickets, you can also get discount codes (when available) and direct links to official ticket channels. We do also have lots of competitions where you can win tickets for selected matches.

Premier League and Football Tickets on FootballAway

With FootballAway you can find tickets for most games related to English teams, including Manchester United Tickets, Arsenal Tickets, Liverpool Tickets, Chelsea Tickets and Tottenham Tickets. (Please note this is only available for signed in users, not registered yet? Why not register for FREE?

Ticket Touting / Ticket Booths for English Football Tickets

Do NOT buy tickets outside the ground or from touts - this is both illegal and risky. You can end up paying lots of money for a fake ticket! There are many ticket booths in the bigger cities, such as London, Manchester and Liverpool. These tickets are most likely over-priced and you can end up with a fake ticket!

DO NOT BUY TICKETS OUTSIDE THE STADIUM! Many supporters travel to games without having a valid ticket in hope to find a bargain outside the ground. This is something that hardly ever happens, all touts selling tickets are doing it to make a profit! Wembley is a hotspot with: Community Shield Tickets, FA Cup semi-final ticket, FA Cup Final Tickets, Carling Cup Final Tickets and, last season Champions League Final Tickets all had touts selling tickets for over £700 per ticket! Many of these tickets was not even genuine and let the unlucky supporter £700 out of pocket and had to watch the final in the pub! Please be aware!

Single Football Ticket or Football Package?

FootballAway Recommends: Buy Single Football Ticket Directly From the Club (When Possible) and Book Your Own Hotel!

BUT: If the match is sold out! We would recommend to buy a Match Day Package which include hotel AND football ticket!

If you are travelling from abroad to watch a match you can be better off buying a package. A match day package normally includes hotel and ticket with prices from £79 (Premier League). The better option when choosing a package is to use Thomas Cook Sport - these are not only official football tickets but are also leading in price. Championship tickets, League One Tickets and League Two Tickets are also availabe on request.

The best option for single tickets is to buy directly from the club through the official channels, this can be very tricky as most clubs you need a club membership to buy tickets. Some clubs does also have something called TicketExhange where season ticket holders can sell their un-used tickets.

Let a Ticket Agency Help you With your Football Travels and Football Bookings

There are almost as many travel agencies for British football as there are football supporters for the English League. Normally would competition be good for prices of the packages these companies put togheter, but sadly it is not the fact. Some companies are very serious and are providing a good service at a normal price, but on the other hand you have lots of "dodgy" companies, who are just after your money. It can be very difficult to separate these two, as it is fairly cheap to buy a simple but professional website, which make it almost impossible to see who is serious from the website.


With FootballAway you can send an enquiry to several companies with just one click, which means your enquiry is sent to several parties who are trying to give YOU the BEST offer for your football package for English football. We are only using companies who have a good track record and are running a serious business. We are 100% independent from these football ticket providers, this give us the opportunity to give you a honest review and rating of these.


Why Become an Official Member of YOUR CLUB?

Some sort of official memberships are available from all Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two clubs and, these are all different one way or another. But one thing do they all have in common: You are supporting your club AND in most cases do you get some kind of ticket priority, at some clubs, you have to be a member to buy tickets through the club.

Even if you are living abroad there are some benefits for you to be a member of the official club, you get discounted prices at the webshop and you can get opportunity to buy official football tickets through your club. If you are travelling to the UK to watch football more than 3-5 timer per season, then there is lots of money to save too. You do not have to book official football packages through third-parties, instead you can book your own ticket and arrange accomodation yourself.

How to Buy Tickets Directly From The Clubs (Without Membership Card)

If you want to buy single ticket, without accommodation as in a match day package, you need to buy the tickets directly from the club or through their partners / other thirdparties. To buy tickets from many of the bigger clubs in the Premier League, you have to be a member. Another thing by buying tickets without a membership card, is that the games are being sold out before they are available on general sale.

Of course there are possible to buy football tickets without an official membership card, but for most teams this mean you have to choose the less popular games and with not so good seats.

How to Buy Tickets Directly From The Clubs (With Membership Card)

When experiencing more than 3-5 games per season, it is advisable to invest in an official football membership card from your club, with this card you have bigger chance to get tickets for the games you want. Most memberships have a loyalty point system, where you get points for every football match you attend. The more points you have the easier it is for you to get match tickets to the most popular matches. When you have a membership card, you can use your clubs official ticket office (normally online these days) and you can either buy ticket directly or apply for tickets. In some cases (especially for away games) it is the loyalty points on your card which decide if you get ticket or not.

How to buy Away Tickets for Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham and Other Popular Clubs?

Again, we recommed to become a member in the club you are supporting. Away tickets are allocated according to how big the stadium your team is playing at and, for the best supported clubs, there are more supporters who wants to travel than tickets available. This means your loyalty points on your membership card will decide if you are lucky enough to get ticket to the match you want to experience.

With our Ticket Enquiry and Compare Service, you can send an enquiry to all our partners where they get back to you if they do provide tickets or match day packages for the game you are enquiring about.

When Does the Football Tickets go on Sale?

This depends on the game and club. But a general rule is the tickets are available from around six weeks before. NOTE: Games might be re-scheduled because of cup ties, televised matches etc.