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Find a suitable pub used by home & away fans near every stadium. Filter your pub search results and find the perfect pub for you! If you are travelling to Bloomfield Road and need to find away pubs, you can search for it here.

If your favourite pub is not listed, you are more than welcome to add it in. First you need to sign up (Yes its FREE) to FootballAway and then you can add new listings such as pubs and songs etc.


Where do you find home and away pubs on the site?

You can list all pubs (home and/or away) by using the list pub option from the top menu. All listings are also listed under related club/ground. I.e. if you wants to find pubs near Wembley you can search for Wembley and click the "Football Pubs" tab. The easiest option to find a suitable home or away pub near any stadium, you can use the the search box below.

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