Wembley Update for Cardiff City v Liverpool FC
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Wembley Update for Cardiff City v Liverpool FC Hot

An update for fans going to Wembley Stadium for the Carling Cup Final between Cardiff City and Liverpool FC, February 26th 2012. Are there drinking bans? How to get to the Stadium, and are there parking available at Wembley?

Author: FootballAway

There are many rumours around on twitter, in forums and through other websites that there is a drinking ban for the Carling Cup final, we have called Brent Council, and they confirm it is the normal Wembley Stadium drinking ban, meaning there is NO alcohol to be sold in the hour before kick off, this mean from 3pm. But please note: The police and individual pubs might stop serving alcohol earlier for what ever reason they might have.


Which pubs are Cardiff City / Liverpool Pubs?

This is very difficult to answer at this moment, we have called around to the most popular pubs, but they are not deciding this. But based on previous experiences, the pubs are divided based on who arrive first. There are several pubs listed for Wembley Stadium, but please check with the individual pubs nearer kick off, or follow us on twitter for up-to-date pub information on the day.


You can find more matchday information for at our Wembley Stadium page.


Are there parking available at Wembley Stadium

It is recommended that any visitors wishing to drive to the stadium only use the Official Wembley Stadium Car Parks. To reserve your space, please visit www.gotocsp.com. To avoid disappointment, please pre-book your space early.

Public Transport is recommended for the Carling Cup final. The Underground stop for Wembley is Wembley Park and is served by the Jubilee- and the Metropolitan Line.


No ticket – watch the match on a pub outside Wembley

It is not recommended to travel to Wembley without a ticket to watch the Cardiff City v Liverpool FC match on TV. There are several good options in Central London, where there is expected to be very good atmosphere. The Sports Café in Haymarket is one of these. If you are tempted by buying a touted ticket (a black market ticket), be aware of the risks by doing this, more information about ticket touting for Wembley Stadium and the Carling Cup Final.


You are representing your club

Like for any football match, home, away or at neutral ground; always make it an amazing day, not only for your self or fellow supporters of your team, but the opposition set of supporters too. Obviously we do not expect you to buy them a drink, but treat each other with respect.

Remember, when you are attending a match, you are not only representing yourself, but you are in fact representing your own club!

We would like to wish both set of fans good luck and enjoy the day at Wembley Stadium for the Final!



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