Tickets for Wembley Stadium finals
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The Wembley season is again over us with Carling Cup final between Cardiff City and Liverpool FC, 26 February, as the first major football match. Finals at Wembley are and should be a joyful and great day out, at least beside the result, but sadly with finals it comes the problem with ticket touts (Selling second-hand and black market tickets).

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It is not recommended to travel to Wembley Stadium without a ticket for the Carling Cup Final between, Cardiff City and Liverpool FC. If you have got a ticket, please read our updated matchday article for the final or visit our Wembley Stadium page for information.

Ticket demand often outstrips supply

Tickets for football finals at Wembley Stadium are in very high demand. With attendances so high, and so many fans keen to see their favourite team in a Live final, demand often outstrips supply.

Where there is high demand, there will always be some kind of black market, where fans are being charged very inflated prices by unscrupulous illegal sellers. Some operators even sell forged tickets!


Risks of buying unauthorised tickets

Fans purchasing tickets from unauthorised sources, whether they be from touts outside Wembley or from the internet, run a number of risks:

  • Paying a heavily inflated price
  • Buying a forged/counterfeit/fake ticket
  • Buying a ticket in the wrong section (opposing fans’)
  • Not receive the ticket at all
  • Being refused entry
  • Being removed from Wembley


What are the indications of an Unauthorised Site?

These sites are normally very professional looking, therefore very hard to identify just by the look. But these are some indications:

  • Heavily inflated prices
  • Tickets being on sale several months before the date of the match
  • Collection of the tickets is at a hotel
  • Fake logos of “Secure Website” certificates. These logos should click you through to the security company, some sites are just using the logos to give an impression as verified/secure. Please be aware that secure does not necessary mean authorised tickets!
  • Statements that the tickets are second hand / secondary etc.
  • Statements that the site is not affiliated with the Club or are unofficial.
  • Exact location of tickets not supplied – instead statements such as “Longside view”, “Behind the Goal” etc.


Use google and other search engines to find reviews and feedback. To google might give you some results from forums and review sites about these ticket providers. Or you can ask one of our team members in our Free Live Chat, we can do the search for you, and we have done so for many ticket providers.


Known Unauthorised Ticket Sites

The following websites are know ticket providers for Premier League teams, and are NOT authorised ticket sellers. We would urge fans to exercise extreme caution when dealing with these websites:

Well known unauthorised ticket websites

What should I do if I have bought a touted ticket or if you have been scammed by an unauthorised site?

Report the incident to law enforcement – this could be your local trading standards authority or the police. You should also report it to Action Fraud via

If you submit the website to us as we will do our best to prevent any reoccurrence of the touting.


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