John Arne Riise brings in a new PT
John Arne Riise are determined to stay fit with a new PT
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John Arne Riise brings in a new PT Hot

Fulhams’ left back, John Arne Riise, are determined to stay fit and become even stronger. To achieve this the Norwegian has hired Lene Alexandra to be his personal trainer. Both, Riise and Lene are famous in Norway, one is a football player and the other is a previous glamour model and pop artist, now a professional trainer and Jazz artist.

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"… Im looking forward to it even more. Going to be cool to train a machine:)"
Lene Alexandra (Twitter)


John Arne Riise should be a well known name for most supporters of British football by now. The Norwegian International got 234 games for Liverpool between 2001 and 2008, before he moved to A.S. Roma in Italy where he got 99 games before moving back to the UK to play for Fulham. Riise is a known professional and are not familiar of the term second best. By getting in a personal trainer in the latter stage of his career he is proving yet again, he want to be as good and fit as possible.

But who is Lene Alexandra?

The 31 year old is a woman with many talents and, has recently finished her courses to become a professional personal trainer as well as a new music career going. For many men she might be most known for her modelling days, with appearances in magazines such as FHM.

The young Norwegian beauty started her music career with pop music, but because of her appearances in the video the genre was quickly dubbed to Boob-pop, which suited the first videos released.

Her new music is a pleasure for the ears, with some easy listening jazz, and are already receiving good reception for her first EP.

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Lene Alexandra is the new personal trainer for footballer John Arne Riise

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My boobs are OK

… was the title of her first single, and made it to the top three music chart in Norway. If there was a chart for most viewed online videos, she would most definitely been the number one. If you missed it, watch the YouTube video on the left.

Lene Alexandra has now grown up and removed her breast implants, put away the (boob)-pop career and, moved on to professionally train athletes. When it comes to her music dream, it is still going, but now with pleasure to the ears instead of the eyes, with easy listening Jazz. Her new EP is available from both iTunes and Amazon: Try to Catch Me EP (iTunes)Try to Catch Me EP (Amazon).


John Arne Riise Known for Football Porn

The Norwegian made his way into thousands of Liverpool hearts with a goal which is best described as football porn, against Manchester United! If you missed it, watch the YouTube video to watch a proper free kick!

Both Riise and Lene Alexandra are excited to start working together

… with the Fulham left-back wrote on twitter that he had done his research that Lene Alexandra is very popular and very good, would not gone for her if she was not. The newly appointed personal trainer said in her twitter feed:” … Im looking forward to it even more. Going to be cool to train a machineJ “ (Translated from Norwegian).

I think we all can agree; John Arne Riise has made a great choice in choosing his personal trainer, good luck to them both!


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John Arne Riise brings in a new PT
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