The Merseyside Derby (Liverpool FC - Everton)

Merseyside derby - liverpool v evertonThe Merseyside Derby (Liverpool Football Club v Everton Football Club)

The Merseyside Derby is the name of the derby between the two most successful clubs from Liverpool (City). It is also known as the Friendly Derby because of the large number of families who have both Reds and Blues supporters in them. 

Even though it is called the friendly derby, since the 80's the rivalry has intensified on and off the pitch. After the start of the Premier League the Merseyside derby has had more red cards than any other game.

Scored for both Liverpool and Everton in the Merseyside Derby

Only two players have scored for both Liverpool Fc and Everton Fc in the Merseyside Derby:

  • David Johnson scored for Everton on his derby debut in 1971.
  • Peter Beardsley has scored six derby goals for Liverpool and one for Everton.