Football Away City Guides for Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Britain has much more to offer than just football, and most of us footballsupporters love to appreciate this. We are posting mini-city guides with tips from football away and other football-fans. Tips you can find here is everything from where to stay, nightlife, sightseeing and other fun things to do.

Why Are Only Liverpool, London and Manchester in This Guides?

We are updating this section with more cities when we have enough information to include in the city guides.

Anything Missing in Our City Guides?

If you know something that should be included, why not submit it to us? For every review, rating and listing you submit to FootballAway, you will earn FootballAway points. These points can be used for FREE entry to FootballAway events, participate in competitions, discount in our FootballAway shop and much more!
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Liverpool  - A Mini Football Guide
London - A Mini Football Guide
Manchester  - A Mini Football Guide
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