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Popular Trains to Stadiums / Clubs:
Train to Arsenal (Emirates): London
Train to Stoke (Britannia): Stoke-on-trent
Train to Manchester (Old Trafford): Manchester

Find Train Station for Football Stadiums
If you do not know which train station to use for your away game, you can find this information here at FA. Simply use Club Search to find needed club/stadium.

1. Book Early
Buying your train ticket in advance is a lot cheaper than buying at the station on the day you are travelling. Like with everything else in life, the best and cheapest tickets sell out fast, so you have to keep an eye on when tickets go on sale - train tickets are normally released 12 weeks in advance.

2. Two single Train Tickets are (Sometimes) Cheaper Than One Return Ticket
Instead of buying a return ticket, sometimes buying two single train tickets are cheaper. By using the train ticket search engine The Train Line, the cheapest options are highlighted automatically.

3. Be Flexible (Get to the Ground / City a Little Earlier Than Planned)
Very early, middle of the day and late evening tend to be a lot cheaper than travelling during peak hours. If you are searching directly from the train company you can try before 9.30am and after 7pm.

4. Use a Railcard and Save 1/3 off Train Tickets
If you are lucky enough to be under 26, over 60 or travelling with kids you can qualify for a 33% discount on your train ticket with a rail card. A rail card cost only £26 per year and can be bought online.

5. Forgot to Book a Ticket?
Even if its just two days to you are going to the match, do not think it is not possible to save money by booking your ticket online. Most times, advanced online booking can save you money! The Train Line is our favourite train search engine and offer weekly offers.