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We are not computer professionals; we are not sales experts; WE ARE FOOTBALL FANS! Our team consist of Editors across several clubs, and we try not to mix and match with clubs, so a Tottenham fan is not writing about Tottenham, the Spurs fan is not reviewing / rating rival or neighbour clubs either!

Author: FootballAway

Here you find a brief introduction to some of the people who are providing you with this brilliant guide for YOUR next football experience. You can also contact us directly through here.



What is

FootballAway is a unique information portal for football fans who are, dreaming of, or going to experience football away from home! You can find all information you need when experiencing your first home game, first away game, or when you are going to a new stadium! We include information relevant for your planning, journey, stay, pre-/post match pubs and much more!


Our Goal, Vision and Dream!

Every single person involved with is a vivid football fan, who attends lots of games per season; both with his/hers own favourite club and other clubs.

Our Goal is to make it easier for Football Supporters to plan, attend and enjoy football away from home. This both as a domestic, or an international football fan travelling to the UK for their football fix.

Our Vision is to help football supporters to save some hard earned money when travelling to a football match. To achieve this we strive to find and publish great information/discounts/offers/deals useful for both home and away fans.

Our Dream is to reach our Goals and to fulfil our vision – because that mean we are helping football fans as our self to get the most out of their matchday experience!


Who is in The FootballAway Team

You Are! Every fan who are leaving a review and rating, are providing useful information for fellow fans! Our author team consist of fans, players and key members of clubs in all four leagues, from League Two to the Premier League. We invite guest writers to write exclusive articles, previews, post match views and ratings / reviews, so if we are going to list all of them here, it would take about twenty two pages. Below you can find some of our Key Team Members.


Founder and Potato - Knut Einar Henriksen

I am a "young" gentleman from Norway, who just loves the Premier League and Football League! When I first moved to London to follow my team, I had not been to many games in the UK before, so my knowledge was very limited when it came to pretty much everything related to matchdays in the UK.

This is how I came up with the idea about FootballAway, to make it easier for football fans to find the information needed!

I have now been to pretty much every home game and a great number of away games with my own home team. But I have also had the pleasure to visit many “lower league” clubs/grounds, believe me: the level of football is much higher from back in my second home (Norway).

My tasks here at FootballAway is everything from writing code, research, sales, editing, photography, content writing, presentations, event manager and through to being the contact person for our partners and friends!


FootballAway Authors, Editors and GeekTeam

We are not listing all of our Authors here, as it would be so many. All Authors are listed in each written article, and if they have their own website, they are listed under each relevant club.


Social Media Guru / Editor / SEO Editor - Anna K.

Anna is one of the most important members of the FootballAway Team, she is responsible for our Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Through these channels she is providing the most up-to-date matchday directly to football fans, uploading images from events and answering questions from travelling fans. In her busy schedule she is also editing articles written by our authors and is doing SEO surgery on our content.


Senior Editor - David Husk

David has the task of proof reading and editing content written by fans for us. When he is not reading the great articles from you, he is writing football articles and news for you to read.


FootballAway Authors

As we are using a large number of Authors and pundits, we are listing every Author in every written article, and a list of Friends is available from relevant club (eg. Tottenham).

Thank You For Showing Interest in FootballAway, and Please Feel Free to Get in Touch With Questions or Enquiries! - Knut Henriksen


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